Sunday, 22 July 2012

Learn one Chinese Character a day - "刀"

We have learnt Chinese numbers from One to Six as "一","二", “三”, "四","五", "六". Before we jump to Seven, it is better to know another Chinese character first - "刀".

You might wonder what is the meaning of "刀", and how is it related to Seven?

Anyway, let us check "刀" evolution history first:
Chinese Character "刀"
Chinese character 刀
"刀" it is a Pictograph character. Its Oracle script was straightforward to show an image of following object:
刀 - Knife

Chinese ancestors cleverly leave the sharp edge of invisible to actually show its  sharpest edge of the weapon.

"刀" Seal scripthas curved the handle shape, as it evolved to , the upper part of the knife handle is simplified out.  is quite close to what we are using now: "刀".

so "刀" means Knife. It is a cold weapon. 

As usual, let us end this topic with a Chinese calligraphy art with "刀" inside.

And you might still wonder why Knife is related to Chinese number Seven - "七". You will understand it after knowing the way how "七" is created.

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