Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Learn one Chinese Character a day – 母

As we have mentioned "母" in our lesson of "好" that its meaning of Mother, let us examine its evolution history to see the reason behind. (screenshot taken from )

Learn one Chinese Character a day – 母
The columns from left to right are Oracle Script (甲骨文), Bronze Script (金文), Scripts used in Warring States Era (戰國文字), Seal Script (篆文), Clerical Script (隸書) and Regular Script (楷書).

Oracle Scriptis to addto (Oracle Script of "女") to emphasize the fact that Mother () of a baby is the woman who breast feeding it.

It is clear that current way of writing - "母" was a continuation from  of Warring States Era.

母 is extended to mean Female as well.

Now it is time for us to enjoy a Chinese calligraphy with "母" inside:

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