Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 门 | 門

We have learnt enough characters inited from 皿. Today we are moving forward to our new character - 门 | 門, which is another example why Traditional version is a better choice for mastering the meaning of a Chinese character.

Referring to its Traditional version - 門, its meaning would be very obvious after viewing its actual object below:
门 | 門
So yes, 门 | 門 is another Pictograph (象形)  character, which is a pictorial drawing of a double door

To have a even better understanding of 門, let us examine its evolution history (image taken from http://vividict.com)
Learn one Chinese Character a day - 门 | 門
Oracle Script of 门 -  is almost same as our modern Traditional character 門, with two panels -  and . Current Simplified version 门 comes from its Cursive Script  obviously.

As clear as it is drawn, 门 | 門 means double door and is eventually used to mean door, and all the extended meaning the English word door has as well. We need to go through door to enter or leave a house, 门 | 門 also means Gateway.

For door turns around its vertical supporting frame while it is opening or closing, 门 | 門 is extended to mean valve as well.

And 门 | 門 is the entrance to a house where a family lives, it became a symbolic of a family or a household. A big family grows to form their own group of people sharing same interests and separate themselves from other families, thus 门 | 門 is extended to mean faction while referring to people or category while referring to things. Extended further from here, while 门 | 門 is used as Chinese Radical, it can be used to quantify a group of people or a category of something, like 一门忠烈 or 一门学科.

That is all for 門, it is now time for us to enjoy a Chinese calligraphy with 门 | 門 inside:

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