Monday, 20 November 2017

Learn one Chinese character a day - 卡

As what mentioned in our last post, our character today is 卡. 卡 is a compound ideographs character which was created quite recently, during Regular Script period. Could you try to guess its meaning?

Recall what we have just learnt, 上 and 下.  is not卡 composed of, but not exactly, 上 and 下, with 一 of 上 / 下 overlapped? Yes,卡 has the representation of "not 上 and not 下", which is used to describe a situation that somebody or something is stuck at a position that he cannot move. for example, 卡住.

a cat is 卡 at the door
As same Chinese character can be used as verb, 卡 means "stuck somebody or something at a position that he cannot move", for example: 卡脖子

when English word card is introduced to China, it sounds quite similar to 卡. And also卡 has "上 and 下", which can present well the meaning of card which has prints at both sides. Yes,卡 means card. For example 贺卡.

Now it is time for us to enjoy a Chinese calligraphy with 卡 inside:

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