Monday, 18 December 2017

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 鸟 | 鳥

Today we are going to check another Pictogram character - 鸟, whose traditional version is 鳥.

Once you know the meaning of 鸟 | 鳥, you will like its traditional version 鳥 more. 鳥 is a closer drawing of the object it represents.

Let us examine its revolution history as shown below : (image taken from
evolution history of 鸟 | 鳥

Its Oracle script is a drawing more than a proper character. I assume you would already know what , or  or  refers to?

Starting from Oracle script, to Bronze script, then Seal script, till its current modern form,  鳥 inherits most of its ancient scripts, while 鸟 is simplified too much.  

鸟 | 鳥 is another example which explains why we appreciate our traditional version 鳥 more than its simplified counter party - 鸟.

yes, 鸟 | 鳥 means bird. And  is indeed a vivid drawing of a singing bird.
鸟 | 鳥

that is all for 鸟 | 鳥, now let us enjoy a Chinese calligraphy with 鸟 | 鳥 inside:

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