Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 闩 | 閂

As we have learnt 门 and 户, we continue our journey with characters related to them. Today's 闩, whose Traditional version is 閂, clearly demonstrates the concept of adding a horizontal - to 门 or 門.

Its meaning shall be very clear as well if we know the lock system of Chinese style double door, as shown below:
Some examples of 门闩

That is right. 闩 | 閂 means "the horizontal bar(s) used to keep doors shut", as a noun.
And of course 闩 | 閂 can also be viewed as verb: "shutting door with horizontal bar(s)"

Let us remember the structure of Chinese  ancient style double door, it can help to explain lots of other characters like 開, 闗, 閉 and etc. We will get to them soonest.

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