Saturday, 28 January 2017

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 才

We have learnt 門 with its related characters like 闩,  開 and 關. Our next target will be 闭 | 閉.
闭 | 閉 contains character 才 inside. So today we check the meaning of 才 first. Maybe we can get some good idea to reason the meaning of 闭 | 閉 with the understanding of 才?

From its current form of 才, we find no way to know what it means. Let us seek help from its ancient scripts as we always do, as shown below (image taken from
Learn one Chinese Character a day - 才

Recall Oracle Script of 草 - , and look at Oracle Script of 才 -  again,  we can see what 才 is the drawing of "grass () just sprouts from earth ()". Like what shown below:
That is then naturally to have 才 to mean just recently, or start. For example 刚才.
As grass just sprout, there is only little to be seen, 才 can mean "just, or only". For example 他才两岁.

Chinese ancestors recognised the capability of living grass which demonstrates the amazing life force. Thus eventually 才 is extended to mean capability or talent as well. For example 天才.

Now with the understanding of 才, so the original meaning of 闭 | 閉 is that "grasses sprout at floors of a door"? Do we perceive the meaning of 闭 | 閉 correctly?

Anyway let us enjoy our Chinese calligraphy with 才 inside:

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