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Learn one Chinese Character a day - 床

When we were learning 片, we knew that:
Seal Script of 木 -
Seal Script of 片 -

And if we check the Seal Script of 床, we will have:
Seal Script of 床 - .

Evolution history of 床:(image get from
Learn one Chinese Character a day - 床

Now it is very clear that 床 -  is left half of the wood  after being cut into two pieces. If you recall the Oracle Script of 片, you will realize that  is 片 as well. I guess after Chinese ancestors eventually invented a furniture for sitting or lying on, looked like such furniture, thus Chinese ancestors eventually borrowed to mean it.

床 - in ancient China, it was used to mean both Chair or Bed. As time passed, 床 is used to mean Bed only, for eventually there were dedicated furnitures for siting and sleeping separately. Thus another Chinese character 椅 was created to mean Chair only. From here we also know that Chinese ancestors already had wooden furnitures during Oracle Script period.

A typical 床 in ancient China

is later extended to mean something big and flat, like river bed, exactly the same idea as English.

During Seal Script period, there was already another variation created - by adding an extra wood  to emphasize 床 is created with wood. 

During Clerical Script period, had its  part transformed to that we had the new form . Current way of writing 床 is the continuation of .

Now let us enjoy a Chinese calligraphy with 床 inside:

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