Monday, 28 March 2016

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 入

If it were you, how would you create a Chinese character to mean enter? It might be much harder than your first thought. I guess you will be surprised that Chinese ancestors used such a simple Chinese character 入 to represent the meaning of enter.

Let us see its evolution history first: (image get from
Learn one Chinese Character a day - 入
Looking at the Oracle Script of 入 - and its Bronze Script , comparing to Oracle Script of 宀 which we learnt a few days ago - , original meaning of 入 should be roof of a house.
Before entering a house, we see its side view as . After entering the house, we are then covered by roof, and normally roof is more obvious than walls while we are inside a house.
Omitting walls of , we get, which is eventually simplified to current 入, and it means enter.

Now let us enjoy a Chinese calligraphy with 入 inside to end our lesson today:

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