Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 疾

Looking at our new Chinese character 疾, its 疒 part means 疾 is related to sickness. What does 矢 mean here? To have better idea, let us check its Oracle Script. Below is the evolution history: (image get from http://www.vividict.com/)
Learn one Chinese Character a day - 疾
Oracle Script is quite clear to describe the situation that a man is wounded by an arrow , which is physical injuries.

Bronze Script replaced (man) with (sickness), and kept 矢 to emphasise such sickness to be caused by physical injuries by arrow.

So 疾 is also to mean sickness, mainly physical injuries, comparing to 病.

And as 疾 means "shotted by an arrow", which must be very painful. so 疾 can mean painful.

And nobody likes to get injuries, so 疾 can also mean hate or dislike.

And as 疾 contains the meaning of a man shotted by a fast flying arrow, you would then not be that surprised now to know 疾 can also mean fast.

That is it. Let us enjoy a Chinese calligraphy with 疾 to end our lesson today:

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