Sunday, 10 January 2016

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 大

What is the meaning of "大"? We have learnt the the Chinese character which means People or Person - "人". What is "大" then? Does not it look like a person straddling with two arms outstretched?

Let us examine its evolution history first: ( image get from )
Learn one Chinese Character a day - 大
It is also very clear that "大" followed the same pattern from its Oracle Script till now. Oracle Script is drawn to mean an adult man originally. In Chinese language, an adult is called "大人", who is much bigger in size comparing to small kids. And eventually 大 is borrowed to mean Big. As an adult is older than kids, 大 can also mean Older.

From its meaning of Big, 大 is further extended to mean Very

And an adult has strong body, 大 is also used to mean Outstanding or Capable.

As usual we will end our lesson today with a Chinese calligraphy.

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