Friday, 15 January 2016

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 立

To guess the meaning of 立, we should examine its evolution history as usual: ( screenshot taken from )

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 立
Meaning of Oracle Script of "立" -might not be very clear. Meaning of its Bronze Script  should be very obvious - A man standing on earth (which is  under his feet).

Yes, or its current way of writing - 立 means Stand.

Of course it has many extended meanings as well. All of them are related to "make somebody or something to stand (up)"

From these two Characters 天 and 立, it is then easy to understand why Chinese describe a true man as "顶天立地" - which is "Standing upright on earth with head touching sky" if translated literally.

It is now time to enjoy a Chinese calligraphy in a painting with "立" inside:

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