Sunday, 24 January 2016

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 夕

夕 is actually quite close to one Chinese character we have already learnt. Before revealing the answer, let us examine its evolution history first as usual ( image get from ):
Learn one Chinese Character a day - 夕
From its Oracle Script, you will definitely realise that 夕 should be related to 月 (moon).

At beginning of Oracle Script period, 夕 was exactly the same as 月 (which is). Eventually it was changed to in Oracle Script period and  in Bronze Script period, which was to remove the indicator   from .

During night, moon can be seen very clearly, that is why Chinese ancestors added the indicator   to emphasise the visibility of the moon. Removal of the indicator   means that moon cannot be seen clearly. When is that then? Sunset or twilight! That is the logic behind why Chinese ancestors utilised (夕) to mean twilight or evening. We have to admire how smart Chinese ancestors were from the way Chinese characters were created. And in our next lesson I will show you again how Chinese ancestors utilised two very simple characters to create a new one to present a very complex & abstract meaning - name of a person.

For our lesson today, Clerical Scriptcontinued from Seal Scriptand eventually transformed to 夕 now.

夕 means Evening or Twilight. And 夕 can also mean Night as we can see moon during night too.

Now let us enjoy a Chinese calligraphy with 夕 inside:


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