Friday, 20 November 2015

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 心

Before we continue to check "100 million", we need to learn another Chinese character first - "心", which is a Pictographs character.

The oracle script of "心" is missing, while its Bronze Script is. Do not think it to a wrong direction, but can you guess its meaning?

Before revealing the answer, let us see its evolution history first: ( image get from ):
Learn one Chinese Character a day - 心
"心" -  is a simplified drawing of following diagram. We have to say that Chinese ancestors must have known clearly the Cardiac structure.
So "心" means Heart, as time passes, extended abstract meaning were added to "心" as well, like "Feelings" and "Emotions"

And as time passes, not only "心" is to have more meanings, but its writing has been continuously simplified. Seal Script , then Clerical Script and finally at around later stage of Clerical Script , it became almost the same as what we are using now - "心".

As usual let us enjoy a Chinese Calligraphy with "心" inside:
Have you gotten any ideas on how to create a Chinese character to mean "100 million"?

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