Saturday, 14 November 2015

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 辵

辵 is a very special Chinese character. Its original usage no longer exists, while it is now a commonly used radical when forming other Chinese characters.

Let us examine its evolution history to gain a solid understanding of its meaning (image get from
Learn one Chinese Character a day - 辵

 Oracle Script  consists of  (cross junction of a big road) and (foot). It means "walking on the road".

Seal Script  simplified it with  ( one side of a cross junction) and (foot).

Clerical Script  and Regular Script  further simplified them to our current way of writing and becomes a common radical. By adding  to a Chinese character, that character will then contains the meaning of "walking".

We will see such a Chinese character "迁" in our next lesson.

Before that, it is time to enjoy a Chinese Calligraphy.

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