Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 意

Today we continue our learning to "意". During our last two lessons, we know that "意" is composed of "音" and "心". What is its meaning then? "Sounds or Tones of your heart"!  It is then extended to mean "Feeling" or "Ideas" which is from your heart. And it is later further extended to mean "Feel" or "Think" with your heart as a verb.

As we have known its meaning, it can help to appreciate the evolution history of "意". ( image get from http://www.vividict.com )
Learn one Chinese Character a day - 意
Bronze Script is to add another "口" to to emphasise "speaking out of (thoughts, ideas, views)".  

Seal Script  is then evolved to plus , by replace "口" with "心" to make it clear that "意" means "Sounds or Tones of your heart".

Clerical Script, Regular Script and till current way of writing - "意", they are just continuation of Seal Script with simplifications along the way.

Now let us enjoy a Chinese Calligraphy with "意" inside:


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