Monday, 23 November 2015

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 音

In our last lesson, we have learnt 億 that its right part is 意. Look carefully at 意, you will realize that it is also composed by upper part - "音" and lower part "心".

Today we will see what is the meaning of "音". As usual, let us see it evolution history first: (  image get from )

Learn one Chinese Character a day - 音
Oracle Script of “音” is actually created from Oracle Script of “言” - , which we learnt a few lessons ago, by adding a few dots. It is kind of hard to know what exactly our Chinese ancestor meant for the Oracle Scripts.

However it is kind of clear from Bronze Scripts. 音 -  is to add an indicator  inside the mouth "口" of 言 - . It refers to different tones our mouth makes while talking. So 音 - can mean "Sound", "Tones" or even "Noise".

Seal Script is a continuation of its Bronze Script. While it came to age of Clerical Script of Seal Script is simplified to  is very close to what we are writing now - ""

Let us now enjoy a Chinese Calligraphy with "音" -

And as you now know the meaning of "音", what can be the meaning of "" then?

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